Friday, July 30, 2010

Celebrate, my first week in Taipei!

Fan Tuan (糍飯糰) for breakfast! It costs about .80 cents. But I forgot, I could have gotten You Tiao Fan Tuan, much better. You Tiao (油條) is a long, golden-brown, deep fried strip of dough usually eaten during Chinese breakfast. It's crispy and has a great crunch to it when it's fresh. Definitely will have to remember to add that during my next Fan Tuan order.


  1. Hmmm... that looks declicious.

  2. Om nom nom...

    I found other YongHe Dou Jiang near the next MRT stops (ShiPai or ShiLin) on Google map.

  3. For breakfast food i'd prefer to stay local without the trains. There is another market area equdistant to the one i go to now, just in the other direction. I will try that out this morning.