Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Starting a bank account is a PITA

First off they're extremely strict on the ATM use. 8 digit pin and if you get it wrong 3 times in a row, they cancel your account. Anyways, today I went to the Immigration office to get a temporary ID for foreigners. This allows me to start a bank account here in Taiwan. After 4 hours of lines, paperwork and signing my name, I have a Taiwanese bank account!

In addition, it looks like I can be a citizen and be exempt from draft. If i live in taiwan, i just have to leave the country every 4 months. If i live outside the country for more than 2 years, I just need to reapply for my "resident card" or whatever it's called. Oh and it looks like the draft age limit is 37. Wikipedia is wrong haha.

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