Thursday, November 4, 2010

Evans Burger

Finally got around to trying out a burger at Evans Burger. They serve salads, hot dogs, chicken burgers, fish burgers... I had a chili burger with jalapenos. I love japapenos in my burgers haha! Overall, It was ok. Pretty good for Taiwan, so-so for an american burger. The meat could be thicker. Despite not asking for how I wanted my burger cooked, it still came medium rare. And it is definitly cheaper. $240 NTD for a burger, 4oz of fries and free refillable soda. There was a line there, but the wait wasn't too long. The atmosphere was like a TGIF and is a great place to hang out for a while chatting (聊天) away with friends. I didn't have my camera again this time, so this is from my iPhone. So...sure, I'd come back with a few friends. Yummy burgers!


  1. How do you think In-n-out would do in Taipei?

  2. I think it would do pretty well. Taiwanese people admire "california". I see this through the numerous california style clothes shops and knockoff "beach" clothes with bad engrish. And I assume it'd be pretty cheap as well. Maybe I should open a proper burger joint and make millions! oh and apparently they think all american burgers use american cheese?!