Monday, November 1, 2010

Farewell Nico!

Today after class, everyone headed to Cash City hot pot. It was a great place and very near to the Taipower MRT exit! Clean and large, easily accomodating a party of 8+. $230 for a meat (cow, 牛肉) dish and all the vegetable fixings too. There are cheaper options and different meats too. Food was excellent and plentyful. There are four kinds of free juices including Yakult icey :), my favorite. Six kinds of soda and Free choco/vanilla/strawberry ice cream. Excellent hot pot place that I will be returning to with other friends. We didn't take any pictures tonight, but I will share some from last night's farewell dinner (part 1 i guess). Nico (Su Ming) will be missed and we all said our heart felt goodbyes for the last time as we slowely parted ways walking towards the MRT station. Some of us are planning to stay for a while. Su Hoai will be here for 1 year, Arturo (Li Ke) for 5 years, Florian (Ra-an) possible permanently and I possible 9 more months or even also permanently. We'll see. But it really is a dream for Nico to return and study Chinese again in Taiwan, or permamently move here with his girlfriend. So I hope i'll still be here too, to welcome him back to Taiwan with a friendly and familiar face. Being friends with you has significantly contributed to my positive experience here in Taiwan. See you soon, bro!


  1. Ahhhhh,

    That is sooo touching. I am so jealous that you can have such intimacy with your classmates. Your school environment is exactly opposite as mine. I told you last time that I am an bio-engineering grad student in UCLA.

    Technically, my classmates are equivalent as my co-workers. Intimacy and personal bonding rarely occur in the office/lab which I spend everyday at. Most people only have one thing in mind, and that is their research. Almost everyone is transforming into a machine and work 12+ hrs per day.

    Again, let me repeat myself in here. I truly hope that your visa issue will work out so you can have an option to stay permanently and absorb as much Chinese as possible.

    In addition, I truly hope that friend of yours will come back soon for additional training since that is also his dream according to you.

    Lastly, it seems like you have discovered "what makes you happy". (Unlike myself, still debating about a phD for the sake of paychecks even though I dislike school.) Anyway, you should really do things that make you happy.

    Thanks you so much for the information regarding to the language program though, I highly appreciate it.

    Warm Regards

  2. Sounds like a very tough and demanding environment your in. But I'm sure your pursuit of a phD will be much more rewarding than just learning Chinese like me. I wish I was on the track for a phD despite the comradery differences. Honestly as happy as I am now, I have to return to my career at some point. But I hope my experiences here have opened my eyes and focused my vision, so I too may pursue a Masters or phD like you.