Thursday, October 24, 2013

First scooter accident

Some say your not officially inducted into the Taiwanese life until you've tried sticky tofu and gotten into a scooter accident. Well if you've been reading, the stinky tofu was checked off quite some time ago. But since I don't dare own or drive a scooter in Taiwan, I haven't experienced any vehicular accidents. However I've just entered Taiwandom. Although I was only riding my bike, I was hit by a scooter. It was at an intersection to a small street. NO stop signs, NO traffic lights. Your typical Taiwanese free-for-all intersection. So I can't say anyone was particularly at fault here. However I kind of do feel bad for the guy. His scooter was badly broken. My cheap $1300 NT bicycle is now significantly less functional than before. And the poor guys mirror and dashboard was busted. His steering arm was definitely tweeked. When we went our separate ways, he scooter was dead in the water. The engine wouldn't turn over. Bodily, he was OK since he had protection. And miraculously, I'm fine. No scratches, no bruises, no blood. Well, I have some ravioli cooking in the kitchen, so...Dinner time!

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