Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stinky Tofu Fries

Yes another food creation from Taiwan. My friend and I were just walking around Gongguan last night for a supplementary snack to our dinner. We saw a street booth with a picture of fries smothered in cheese. Or what we thought were fries. Upon ordering our fries, we started up a chat with our fellow street stand owner. He asked where we were from and if we've tried stinky tofu before. We answered and continued the conversation as we thought it was a reasonable question to ask a foreigner. We were presently surprised when he revealed that it wasn't made with potatoes, it was made with stinky tofu. At first, I didn't understand. I thought he was saying french fries cooked in the same method of stinky tofu. My friend thought he meant, fermented potato fries. We backed up and read the chinese on the street stand. is stinky tofu! Julienned stinky tofu deep fried and topped with melted cheese (tasted like american not cheddar). They had 4 other flavors like Thai spice, which I think would have been better than cheese now that I know it's stinky tofu. Our "fries" were served in a cup accompanied by it's usual partner, pickled cabbage. We found it on Tingzhou road section 3 south of the movie theatre.

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