Friday, October 15, 2010

House Warming Party!

Tonight I was invited to a classmate's (Florian) house warming party. It's not his house, but his girlfriend's newly purchased condo in Taipei city. They seem very happy with each other and very close. It wouldn't suprise me if they got married soon, and I'm happy for them. Further on in the evening, we started to get into a deep conversation about how great Taiwan and asian culture really is. The chinese really have raised their children to be honorable, respectful, responsible and driven. It's normal for a teen to be taking night school after school as well as summer school in the summer. The educational culture is far more advanced and demanding compared to America. And the fact that Taiwan has very little crime that the news has to exaggerate minor crimes just to makes things interesting. And in a city so dense with people, there is hardly any litter. Taiwan doesn't even have many trash cans. Thats one thing I have to complain about, I can't find a trash can when I need one. Yet, the streets are clean. In America, we're so lazy, our trash doesn't even make it to the bin because we're too lazy to walk the extra 10 feet. In addition, the Taiwanese people are so helpful and kind. Many times, I've seen citizens give up their seats to an elderly or handicapped person, help an old lady accross the street, pick up and return someone's wallet, take 5 minutes to walk a lost stranger to their location. Every day makes me love Taiwan even deeper. It's awesome here!

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  1. I'm really happy you're liking it so much in Taipei! Hopefully, you'll be able to find something suitable out there to finance your continued studies. And if you're there long enough, I think Ijun, Ann and I (and Ed maybe?) should plan a small family reunion trip out to visit you! :) Yummy Taipei food, here I come!!!