Monday, October 11, 2010

RT Mart aka Taiwanese Walmart

So a friend introduced me to RT Mart today. It's like a Taiwanese version of Walmart. Big, lots of variety and at cheap prices because they have a lot of turn around. Although it is somewhat hidden behind some buildings on Lane 312, Section 2, BaDe rd. I finally found some disinfecting wipes for the house. Something I was not able to find at your my local Welcome or Watsons or 7-11 or Cos-Med. Oh and I was able to find Vanilla mint and Orange Listerine. No need to import from the USA. Right before the checkout stand, we found the snack isles. Four to fie isles to be exact. One for japanese candy, one for american candy and chips, one for traditional chinese... NO need to go further once you find the japanese isle haha. Meiji, Glico, Lotte oh my! I couldn't go home without bring some back. A chocolate Koala here and a strawberry Pocky there. Total $55 NTD for both or $1.60 USD! So cheap! These are so expensive in the states.

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