Friday, July 8, 2011

A-Gei (阿給)

A-Gei are deep fried tofu that have been stuff with flavoured crystal noodles and sealed with fish paste. This is what my parent's friends brought back to me from Danshui where they lived. They had to deliver some thing for me, so in addition, they also introduced me to this new dish that I have never tried before. Thank you! No meat products in this little dish, but it's tasty in it's own way. It has a very traditional flavor and off the typical westernized fare I usually try. They said it comes with two sauces, spicy and sweet, but suggested the spicy as it was more flavorful. I'm not one to shy away from the chili. Besides, it only had a kick, not really something i'd consider setting your mouth on fire. A-gei is one of Danshui's staple foods and you can find several A-Gei restaurants scattered about the old street there. The famous one is up at the end of a steep narrow street. If your there, try some. It's just tofu, clear noodles and spicy funky seafood or animal parts. Foreigner safe, haha!

Edit: I've revisited Danshui old street since then and saw a few A-Gei shops offering additional flavors, up to 8. One of them was curry flavored. So there's definitely more options. I'll have to try that curry next time.

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  1. Hey

    bring on the traditional foods! Looks yummy. More local delights, please.

    And throw in some local unusual drinks besides regular bubble tea would be great.