Monday, July 11, 2011

Grilling fail!

I tried the grill last night with Grace, Hatuyen and Yuki. But it failed. Despite spending so much on charcoal and the lighter fluid, it just doesn't want to light! Some of it is my fault for leaving it out for so long, that it must have dried out. But in the states, I usual buy the Kingsford Surefire stuff, and the only one I can find in Taipei is Kingsford regular. I'll have to try some different methods like newspaper underneath as well as soaking the charcoal in lighter fluid for ten minutes. If that fails, I'll just throw out everything and buy a butane gas burner grill from a camping store. My hopes of having an awesome charcoal grilling night here in Taipei may just be dashed. I wonder if anyone wants a unused charcoal grill and an opened bag of charcoal for cheap and take over where I failed? Anyone? :(

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