Friday, July 22, 2011

SushiX = Sushi Express

So i'd like to say now, for a student of a very tight budget, the ability to still be able to eat sushi is awesome. Thank you Sushi Express! Yuki and I have gone back to SushiX a few times in the past month. Since we usually go there after I get off from class, we frequent the location near the Guting MRT station. I'm still a fan of quality Sushi, but I'm such a fan of sushi, I can't do without it in my daily diet. So as my only alternative for cheaper sushi, it's really not that bad. The cuts are thick, the fat distribution is good and they seem relatively fresh. I usually get 16 slices of sashimi and 2 nigiri and a bowl of miso soup. Total cost $180 NT ($6). Wow, I think i've adjusted to the cost difference here in Taiwan. After converting the cost, $6 is hella (excuse my California slang) cheap! On top of that, I still haven't gotten sick from it the day after. Well, I think last time I wasn't able to provide pictures of the sushi, so this time I made sure to snap a few for you readers. You be the judge! What do you think, at least from a visual standpoint??


  1. Hii :) I was Google-ing around for information on the Chinese language classes at MTC/Shida and came across your blog. I have two questions:

    1. I'm planning on applying to start in the winter term...and was wondering if you had any advice on whether or not to take the "Intensive" or the "Regular" course. I saw that you had opted for the intensive (at least at the beginning). I'm going to need to get a job at some point to pay for my living you think "intensive" would be possible? My Chinese level is definitely sub-par. Parents speak Chinese to me, but I can't read or write, except some numbers and a few basic words.

    2. WHAT CAMERA DO YOU USE? I like your pictures :)

    Thanks so much for any information/advice :) Your blog has been immensely helpful already (in convincing me to go)!

  2. 1. I can't decide for you. But perhaps initially give Intensive a try, like me, since you may already know some basics. The only difference is pace, Regular classes can give out more homework and you also need to fulfill supplementary hours (mandatory), so regular classes doesn't mean less studying.
    2. I switch between a Canon 5D and a Canon SD1400IS. But any camera can take good pictures, just got to learn how to use it.

    If you come over, feel free to contact me. I can help you get situated, make friends, find food ;), help in any way.

  3. aww, how kind of you! : ) I hope you'll still be there in November then! I would like to have some friends to bike this route with:,0&hpt=tr_c2

    That Sun Moon Lake looks soo pretty.

    Thanks again for all your help!!

  4. I'll definitely be here in November. For now, I don't have any plans of returning to the States. I've been planning to go to Sun Moon Lake. I hear it is a VERY beautiful place. If I visit before November rolls around, you'll read about it in my Blog. Got Facebook?

  5. Sure do! Jessica L Wang, panda relaxing on the beach =)

    I look forward to your posts, hope you go to the lake!!

  6. Hey Brian

    know it's your blog, but can you ask Yuki what she thinks of the level of Japanese (spoken and written) in Taiwan? And if she's heard of any good Uni programs to study Japanese? And is it easy to find Taiwanese who speak the lingo well?

    Thanks..great blog by the way...yummilicious and feast for the tastebuds...

  7. Hi It's Yuki, thanks for visiting Brian's blog. Well, the number of people who speak Japanese in Taiwan is relatively high compared to other countries since Taiwan is close to Japan, and we have many businesses here between two countries. But the level itself really depends on the person though. As for college program for study Japanese, I've heard Dongwu University(東吳大學) and Danjiang University(淡江) have a good program, and also maybe National Taiwan University(國立臺灣大學) too! Good luck;)

  8. Hi Brian

    thanks for passing the question to yuki to answer, you're a good sport!! Thanks Yuki, three cheers... One last question about Japanese's heresay but heard that National ChengChi is 'the best', TungHai, FenJia not bad either based on their respective course offerings,...there's one Uni in Kaosiung can't remember which... but it's all very subjective..the taiwan forums do not have much info which surprises me....will check out the uni's you mentioned...arigato gozaimasu

    jia you xue guo yu!!!!

  9. Yes, I've also heard ChengChi (政治) is good too. Isn't Kaosiung one Wenzao(文藻外語學院)? That seems like famous too in the south part.
    I've heard TungHai(東海) and FenJia(逢甲) too but don't know the level. I've talked to people who graduated from Dongwu(東吳) before and their Japanese speaking level was pretty good. It's just the feeling, though.