Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Taiwanese breakfast discovery

This is a long deserved posting. A few months back, my friend introduced me to RuLuoBing (乳酩餅). It doesn't have an english name. It consists of egg, cucumber, soft white crustless bread, two fried chicken patties wrapped in a flaky pastry wrap. The pastry is buttery, flaky and warm. This was probably a Taiwanese take on a European sandwich or something. But I don't care, the end result is delicious success! The combination of buttery flaky pastry with slightly runny sunny-side up eggs and hot crispy chicken nugget patties is perfection. I almost try to get this every other morning now. I also realize there seems to be two types of Taiwanese breakfast shop types. One that's more traditional and has more soybean soups. And the other that is more western influenced with more sandwiches and pastas. 乳酩餅 comes from the latter. Thankfully the western influenced one is much closer to my house, like half a block away. So I'm happy for now, until maybe I find even better! What will I discover next?

p.s. Google translate says the pinyin is RuMingBing. It's possible a Taiwanese language pronunciation, not chinese. I don't know.

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  1. I love these with strawberry or chocolate, yummy! It's pronounced ruluobing.