Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chien Yen Hot Pot...redux!

Here we are again! Gut-busting All You Can Eat hot pot at Ximending. One of my good friends here in Taipei was recently turned onto my blog. So after reading the article about Chien Yen hot pot, she really really wanted to me to revisit the place with her. According to her, mainly for the dessert/cake display not the hot pot! Well, in my original post, I only posted pictures of the cake display and not of any hot pot action. At first she was unable to decide if she wanted this much food. But at the last minute, I got a call from her stating that she was IN! Well, for gut-busting desserts perhaps. So we met up, walked in and put our names down on the waiting list. Even for a Sunday evening, it's still quite packed and thus we waited about 15 minutes. I'm sure it would have been worse had we walked in without reservations on a Friday or Saturday evening. We sat, we ate, we burped, we ate some more and then went dessert binging! yadda yadda. You get the idea from my last post about this gem of a place. Oh although they don't have froyo, they do have soft serve ice cream. In the end, she liked it so much she vowed to return with her family members when they visited. You should should visit too!

Chien Yen Hot Pot


  1. Hey

    any good places for potstickers, green onion pancakes, or steamed pork dumplings?

  2. potstickers: Well there's always 八方雲集. but there are far better hand made stores scattered across taipei. You can usually see them making it outside or inside. just go exploring.
    green onion pancakes: haven't found any special ones, they're all pretty good. Night markets will usually have one or two of these stalls.
    steamed pork dumplings: you mean xiaolong bao? my two favorite places for it are Dintaifung 鼎泰豐 and 世界豆漿大王 (World Soy Milk King) in yonghe.

  3. Hi

    what/where are good places for chocolate cake!


  4. Everywhere! Try the department store food levels (usually basement floors) like Sogo, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Q squared, Far Eastern FE21, Bellavita, 101, Hankyou.