Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Business class cuisine

Business class cuisine, yum! Upgraded courtesy of Cathay. Lazy boy recliner, cheesecake and a 17" screen... can't go wrong with that.

Crab salad over asparagus, braised pork and cheesecake.


  1. Hi

    what are the advanced chinese classes like?

    Overall, what's your rating of the textbooks used and the teachers in general?


  2. The advanced classes are fast, but managable for the first 3 books. The textbooks are great. Translations are pretty good. But the important part is to go to class, you'll understand alot more from the teacher. I think my school is the one who wrote the textbook too. Teachers are all great! But it's important to find one that matches your learning style.

  3. Hi B Huang

    thanks for your reply...thinking about taking advanced classes at MTC NTNU Sep or Dec, not sure yet.

    what's the average class size? Is there a lot of writing involved for advanced classes?

    The intensive classes that run 3 hours, is it 3 different classes each lasting an hour, so it's 3 courses per term?

    What kind of final exams are there?

    Thanks a bunch..

  4. Average class size? 8-10 for normal, max 8 for advanced
    Writing involved? I take the practical A-V chinese course, which is the most common course taken. It concentrates on all four: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking. normal and advanced are the same, only the speed is different.
    3 hours? One 3 hour long class a day, 5 classes a week, 1 term is 3 months.
    Final Exam: There are two, one from the teacher, one from the school. One from the teacher is usually a speach or a play, or maybe a test, depends on the teacher. The school's is a TOP test. Computerized multiple choice with sections for voice recording speech and section for written (written starts at book 3). The TOP test is really easy for book 1 & 2.