Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gone out drinkin'

Tonight I went out with one of my language partners to a bar near the Shida market. It's hidden away in one of the side allies. Turned out to be a really nice looking place. Dark, quiet and a very modern simplistic decor. However I found it too dark and smelled like smoke (they allow indoor smoking) and the music was too loud. Since i'm not a big fan of clubs, perhaps this environment would better suit other people. But the point is, it's not a bar or a club, but more of a lounge. I didn't have dinner, so I ventured into their food menu. They have a few items, but not much.I don't blame them, but I was hungry. Food and drinks start from $200 NT+. Drinks were buy one get one free that night, though. Drink-wize, good but not spectacular. I'm kinda glad I don't remember the name, because I don't think i'd prefer a return trip. Oh btw, they have a stripper pole downstairs and upstairs. Maybe they use it later at night or it's a relic from the previous business held there. haha! I don't know.

close to this address:
No. 19號, Lane 80, ShīDà Road, Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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