Monday, June 27, 2011

Ximen cheesesteak

So after being tricked into some weird self-help or marketing scheme at Ximen, Yuki and I headed over to the cheesesteak place for a very late dinner. No worries though, no money lost just time. We walked out pretty fast. So we flipped a negative and decided to find a place around Ximen to eat dinner. I was setting myself up to be disappointed though. I mean how can Taiwan make a decent cheesesteak all the way here in Taipei? We'll it turned out to be OK. Not authentic or extremely satisfying but didn't taste horrible bad. I believe they're on the right track but needs some major improvement. The meat, tasty, but not enough. Perhaps thats my big fat american stomach talking, but I just didn't find it packed enough. If they're going to imitate an classic american sandwich, mind as well as pile on a little more meat. Cheese, this was the best. Tasted like cheesewiz, but I didn't see at jars of it. Although I do prefer provolone on my cheesesteak, the traditional cheesewiz works too. This was actually a surprise, I definitely would have thought Taipei would mess it up by putting american cheese or cheddar cheese. Bread.. too soft and it's not a philly roll or a hoagie roll. The skin is just too soft, not lightly crispy like a true philly roll. Fries...awesome! Crispy, golden brown and delicious, just the way I like it. There was also a crispy chicken wrap that Yuki ordered and really liked. They restaurant environment was pretty good though. Clean and plenty of tables, three floors of it. You order first, receive your order then find a seat. I suspect they'll be a return visit. But if I had any control over this place, I'd add more meat, add grilled onions, mushrooms and provolone as an option. Which has inspired me to try to make my own at home. If I do, you'll definitely read about it in the future. Hopefully soon, I'm hungry!

No. 56號, ÉMéi Street, Wanhua District
Taipei City, Taiwan 108


  1. Hi Brian

    some blog ideas for you to share with readers...what's your 5 favourite local Taiwanese foods to try...what's the 5 places anyone should visit or see while in Taiwan or Taipei...what are top 5 malls/best place to shop or visit?...what are the best 5 desserts you've tried?... where are the best places to do groceries? ...what are the best 5 things to try?...What are the things to avoid or faux pas not to be committed in Taiwan?

    Have fun...

  2. Brian bro,

    Look what I found:


  3. Hey

    have you heard of anyone taking, or know anything about the degree program, Chinese Language and Culture for International Students offered by NTNU Chinese dept? Apparently they use some of the materials from MTC.

  4. Nope, I do not have much information about that except that they're on the 10th floor of my building. They probably do use some materials from the MTC. MTC is part of the bigger NTNU.