Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yakisoba at home

Yuki and I stayed home tonight and cooked...Yakisoba! Yakisoba always remind me of my grandmother cooking it for me when I was young. Yuki cooked it and I just helped and watched since I've never cooked this before. Seems pretty simple. The correct type of noodle, carrots, lettuce and yakisoba sauce and of course seaweed on top. Seaweed was my job. I had to use seaweed thats not supposed to be used as a topping, but sometimes you have to utilize what you have right? Speaking of toppings, I topped off our dinner with my new favorite beer here in Taiwan. Singha! It's a Thai beer. Kind of tastes like Taiwan beer with more of a spicy kick. Not top shelf beer, but it's damn good value for your buck, literally. $1/can ($1.25 for a bottle). I wonder if there's a place in Taipei that has this on tap? Anyways, I really enjoyed our dinner. One of my favorite japanese dishes with one of my favorite beers. Cheers!

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