Monday, June 13, 2011

The last teacher

So this semester started me off with a teacher I didn't quite agree with. She was very happy and lively but her teaching methods stray from what I'm used to. She spoke too fast and used too many new words I did not understand. Her testing and quizzing methods were far from what I was used to too. Furthermore, she didn't assign homework. So in the end I decided to go exploring for other teachers. I found another one which was much better. She was much more deliberate in her teaching methods and set a comfortable pace for her students. But her testing and quizzing were far too aggressive for me. This may have been a good thing, but I think the amount of hours I would need to put in would have drove me crazy. I need some spare time this semester to look for a job. So my good friend, at the last day for switching classes, told me about a teacher he found. Well paced, gave out homework, interactive, very deliberate teaching methods and quizzes and tests that would be reasonable. So at the last moment, on the seventh day of class, I switched to his class. This would count as the fourth semester in a row I've been with my good friend. From beginning to end! Turns out she has a very happy personality and is very interactive in class, very similar to my first semester. Sometimes we do competitions in class and interactive games. Sounds childish, but it works. My classmates are also very friendly and happy to socialize and help out too. I'm starting to believe the classroom atmosphere really is directly affected by the teacher. I feel a cohesion, happiness and eagerness to learn from my classmates that I haven't felt since my first semester. And it turns out she's best friends with my first semester teacher. Same teaching methods and same ability to create a energetic learning environment. I look forward to going to class. Go figure :)

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