Saturday, October 15, 2011

Miramar's hidden food court

Oooops, Miramar Entertainment Mall actually does have a food court. I originally thought it didn't have a food court, but today, with Yuki and another friend, we discovered it had one on the basement level. It turned out to be a medium sized one, round shaped. Food is still the same as any other food court, with the added variation of Cantonese food and Singaporean food. However we did notice a small sit-in Indian restaurant. Since it was sit-in, we'd all have to agree to eat there so we didn't end up going. But I absolutely love spicy indian food. Especially northern Indian where they're not vegetarian. Regretfully I didn't glance at the menu or the pricing, but I suspect it's not that expensive. I need to make plans to return back here for lunch or dinner. They have a large window to see into the kitchen and they have Hindu cooks. So i'm really struck with interest to try out their culinary menu in the hopes it'll be different than what I've been finding so far around Taipei. You'll hear about when I do.

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