Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Home cookin': Shanghai vegetable rice

For this afternoon, a real simple dish. A lazy but good dish. Shanghai vegetable rice. Well Shanghai or Hong Kong, i'm not sure which. Maybe neither. But it's just a really simple and cheap dish, but great for a quickie lunch. Here is what I did. I just cooked (steam in a rice cooker) a single serving of long grain white rice with chicken broth, a teaspoon of sesame oil, a dash of cumin, one minced glove of garlic. Halfway through the rice cooking, I'll add in, one separated and cleaned head of baby bok choy and sliced chinese fatty pork. You can substitute with chinese sausage as well. Sometimes, I'll also add slices of shitake mushroom. I don't add any salt, as there's enough salt in the fatty pork or sausage that will drip down into the rice. When the rice cooker clicks, your done. Remove it without burning your fingers and enjoy. Oh and don't burn your tongue with hot rice either. It's like eating napalm. Ask me how I know.

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