Saturday, August 20, 2011

346 Taiwan Beer Factory

346 is the Taiwan beer factory's beer garden. Yuki, I and a few of our friends headed over to 346 for dinner, singing and beer kegs. This is my first experience in a beer garden. As far as I know, the USA doesn't have beer gardens and the only reason I know of them is through Travel channel. It turned out to be an awesome experience. You really have to go with good friends that know how to have fun and drink lots of beer, because it'll just make it that much more fun. The food was kind of expensive, but it's all family style. So if you get enough people, it should divide down to be more affordable. The beer kegs are $500 NT per keg. There were a few birthday groups there that night, and I'm sure that's a common occurrence. The band would ask for participation from the audience and strangers from different tables would be very friendly towards too! The atmosphere is really loud, and the place gets packed very fast. So arrive early with your friends and grab a table before the activities start! Make sure to drink a few pints and let yourself go. I don't quite remember how many glasses I had...maybe 4. Still not enough to get me dancing, (I don't dance) but it makes me very happy drunk! I didn't meet or see anyone too belligerent, so overall it was a very drunk, happy and loud singing and eating experience that i'd more than happy to experience again! Maybe on someone's birthday so we can get them on stage, haha! So is this a dinner or a party? To my friends, when's the next time!? Enjoy the photo of Mike drinking directly from the keg. No party is complete without someone doing that!

No. 85號, 八德路二段, Jhongshan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 104
(Entrance on Weishui Road just around corner)
Tel: (02) 2771-9131
Hours: everyday 11 am-12 midnight

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