Wednesday, August 3, 2011

LE or match making?

Language Exchange or Match Making? I think it's obvious with this one. My school has a tack board for student ads. Mainly for renting apartments, language exchanges, local events and restaurants. I mostly find language exchange ads though. Now I've been told that Taiwanese women are very interested in foreign men because in the Taiwanese social ladder, it's a big step up. Financially and as future potential for dual citizenship. So it's obvious that locals would take advantage of language exchange as the perfect opportunity to meet foreigners. Originally I didn't believe it. Then it started to become logical and I figured, sure, i'm sure that happens once in a while. Then I see more and more LE ads from Taiwanese women seeking language exchange "partners". There are a few male requesters too. But I've seen the same 3 men's ads on the board on a weekly bases for the past 4 semesters. I guess there just aren't very many foreign females looking for a male LE (a reversal of interest). Anyhow, i'm starting to notice more and more obvious ads on the board. So maybe only a few are actually looking for a LE, most are looking for a foreign boyfriend. And not only more and more ridiculously obvious, but more and more funny. See this ad as an example. What do you think? Am I misinterpreting it?


  1. Hi

    no difference btw internet hook ups and the board at yr school. Just another avenue.

    Sure there are some serious and good LE people but they get lost in the meat market. Pity the Uni doesn't have stricter's buyer beware...

    check out the ads for ESL teachers which is also suspect, if there're any on the board.

    rumour has it that Taiwanese in general have the highest rate of immigration, or desire to live overseas?

  2. I somewhat agree. But at least with internet sites it's designated as one. I guess since MTC wouldn't allow a dating program, they have to use LE as a guise. I think the ESL are lesser so, as most of the ads I see are foreigners teaching younger kids between ages 5-12. They also tend to favor female teachers. as for Taiwanese in general having the highest rate of immigration, I wouldn't doubt it. Expensive land with below average wages = difficulties to eke out a decent living. I don't blame them. Thus I'm scared I won't be able to fulfill my dream of a decent life in Taiwan.

  3. Hi

    think it might be cheaper to live outside of prices are a steal compared to Hong Kong, japan, etc..unemployment situation is unstable the world over so don't stress yourself. HSBC is cuttinng 30,000 (no mistake) jobs by end of 2013, after making obscene profits. Realities are no one is having it good anyway in the world look at Greece, italy, spain, ireland...I think it's time formy chocolate fix now and a lottery upper to feel better :-). heard the song "don't worry be happy"

    taiwan has very long working hours and like the japanese dying due to over work?

  4. Hahaha, that is so funny.

    Brian bro, your blogs make me want to go to Taiwan and learn Chinese more and more. hahahaha

    ~ Javier

    PS: That Anonymous guy on top is not me by the way, I always leave my name on your message, letting you know is me. =)

  5. Yes, I know that song. It's very famous. Japan and Taiwan still have the culture to overwork their employees. However with Japan they get a decent salary. Taiwanese do not get compensated as well. Although the living cost is cheap, the housing and vehicle cost standard is not the same. I've heard many stories of suicides, broken marriages, long term health issues, phsycological issues and even literal "worked to death". Their heart couldn't take the stress and lack of sleep, so it quit. Taiwan is starting to change, but slowly. But on the bright side I'll really improve my work ethic and give it 120% so I really earn it!

  6. You mean you are not satisfy your work ethic when you were in America?

  7. it's not that i'm dissatisfied. It's just definitely more relaxed and forgiving compared to Asia.

  8. Brian,

    Have you already found a job in Taipei yet? Mind if I ask you the comparison to the US?

  9. @Javier: I figured so. You should definitely come out to Taipei and learn Chinese. Take a year out of your life and by one year I guarantee you can add Chinese to your resume.

    @Anonymous:I have not found one yet. Comparison in what way? work ethics are different, you have to work your ass off here. The pay is significantly less, but so are living costs. Company politics are different (ie. some places count hours, not quality of work) and you can't make suggestions about work efficiency. But I haven't started work yet, and companies will vary. This is just my current heresay point of view.

  10. hi

    comparing apple and oranges, Taiwan and US both have their own work styles. And there are the usual culprits of the good, bad, and ulgy work styles in both countries. And let's not forget the about cultural differences, both can learn from each other,各有千秋,i.e. each have their own merits.