Saturday, August 6, 2011

Macho fish tacos

I haven't been getting proper sleep lately, so we slept in pretty late. But after getting up, Yuki and I went to Macho Tacos near the SYS memorial station again for a very late lunch. Near closing time around 3 pm. But we got in right before and enjoyed a quiet lunch experience in the normally crowded and busy establishment. I got the burrito...again. If you even make it here, you really only want to order the tacos and burritos. The other items on their menu aren't very good in my opinion as I think I've mentioned before. Her fish tacos this time turned out perfect! Crunchy! And I loved the special sauce they add on top. I wonder if they'll make me a fish burrito next time. Afterwards we made a short trip to Laetitia near Zhongxiao Dunhua. If you remember from my older posts, it's a small pastry puff shop, similar to Beard Papa. Excellent little pastry puffs. A little expensive, but very very delicate and silky in taste. I recommend to drop by and try one or two. After that, we went shopping around for more shoes for Yuki. I have no idea how many pairs she owns now. But it seems every time we go shopping it's for shoes. haha maybe it's not that many. We don't always walk away with a pair every time. For dinner, Yuki didn't recollect that she ever ate at the Dunhua Fuxing SOGO food court. So we grabbed a cheap dinner at the food court of the new SOGO. I have some sizzling pork over pasta and an egg. Taiwanese food court staple. I think just about every food court here has a sizzling "steak" stand. And every food court at a mall is always so packed. Good food, cheap eats attracts everyone! But we were fortunate to scout...wait for a couple to finish and steal their seats. Then we got a big bowl of shaved ice dessert afterwards which ended up being pretty expensive. So not so cheap after all. But I always enjoy the food courts, so many choices.

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