Monday, August 22, 2011

YingGe porcelain district (鶯歌區)

Today, I went with my class and 2 other classes on a school field trip to YingGe district. YingGe is a famous porcelain district that offers an opportunity to make your own pottery (cups, bowls, plates...). The two teachers that brought us there was my first and last semester teachers since they were good friends from their college days. Today is our last day of class! So it was a proper send off leaving a lasting impression of the great time I had at Shida University. We got in around 10AM and signed up for classes which cost us $320 per person. You get as many tries at making something on the "wheel" as you want. You can choose one successful creation and they'll fire it in a kiln and mail it to you when it's done. It takes about a week. Let me tell you, it was harder than the instructor made it seem. But the learning curve isn't that hard, it only took one try to get the hang of it. The hardest part I think is get the clay centered on the wheel. If it's not centered, you can't make a perfect circle. After that, it's just a matter of being gentle and not adding too much pressure. I first created a cup, turned out kind of lopsided after it dried though. The second was a salsa dish, but I made it too big and thin for the instructor to take off the wheel. So I had to ditch that one :(. Too bad I really liked it. But the staff was helpful and the instructor helped me make a second one. Albeit smaller, so it'll hold less chips, but at least I can bring it home and use it! I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. After your done, there is also plenty of stores and restaurants along YingGe Pottery Street (鶯歌老街). But my group decided to split up and one group ate at YingGe and the other headed off back to Taipei for lunch. You can get to and from YingGe via the train (火車) from the Taipei Main station. Unfortunately I had to attend my second interview, so I had to bail out before lunch. Too bad, I really missed that last opportunity to spend more time with my classmates. It was a fun time while it lasted, Thank you for the experiences. I'll always remember Shida and I hope I can find a chance to return for another semester or two. I'll also definitely want to return back to YingGe with my friends or girlfriend to make more pottery. It's an affordable day trip and a unique enough experience to leave a lasting impression! I highly recommend!

P.S. Your clothes will get dirty, but it's washable.
The Shu's Pottery
No. 81, Jianshanpu Road
Yingge Township, Taipei County, Taiwan

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