Thursday, August 11, 2011

Milano Indonesian (closed)

After class, my friend and I decided to stop by a new Vietnamese restaurant that she tried a few days before. She said it was good and it replaced a indonesian restaurant that was there before. Well it turns out that the old Milano Indonesian restaurant in Shida, has now changed to a Vietnamese restaurant. Although they have Pho, it covers more than just the normal vietnamese noodle soups. However that is exactly what I ordered haha! The food was pretty good, affordable and much more filling than the Indonesian restaurant before. The decor hasn't changed much. I guess Indonesian and Vietnamese share similar cultural decor. Prices range from $100+. The staff is courteous and during dinner time it can get pretty full. However being summer an all, the outside patio didn't fill as quickly. Afterwards my friend and I went to Jireh Garden cafe. It's this quaint cottage looking restaurant across the street from 1885 Burger. Yuki and I saw this place when we went to 1885 and vowed to come back and try it out. Although not with Yuki as planned, my friend and I got two seats immediately. There were several groups there, but no problems with getting a table. The design inside was like that of a cozy cottage and was definitely a very comfortable and casual place to be. My friend recommended the Macha tea latte. Wow! The taste was so smooth and soothing. The fancy froth art was an added bonus too. I'd definitely recommend try the Macha tea latte too. As typical cafe's around Taipei, it's always a warm and comforting place to relax and chat. However this place offers an extra air of comfort with a higher ceiling, more space between tables and a home-y wood cottage feeling.

No. 11之1號, PǔChéng Street, Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan
No. 16 Shida Road, Lane 86
Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan

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