Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Home cookin': 炒客家鹹豬肉

Tonight's dinner, something simple and quick. My local grocery store, Welcome, has these prepackaged meals. They're cheap and includes all the vegetables and ingredients you need for a 1 person portion. All you have to do is add rice and it's a home cooked meal! Tonight was 炒客家鹹豬肉 or pan-fried Hakka pork. It turned out to be good, but fattier than I would have liked. But I guess since it was cheap and from my local chain grocery store, they probably used cheaper meat cuts. If I sourced the ingredients myself or went to a real Hakka restaurant the quality would be better. Also, I think I should have added more rice. There's a spot of rice somewhere in there? haha!


  1. Damn!!!!

    In US, hot foods are usually pricy. Food in Asia is usually cheap isn't it?

  2. hot foods? not all food in cheap. If you want high class cuisine, you'll pay for it. But of course there is a living cost difference. So you may still think it's cheap.