Friday, September 2, 2011

Home cookin': Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Yuki and I have been wanting to cook this for about a week. It's a simple fried rice dish, nothing fancy. But with a Thai pineapple twist. The only special ingredient that you really need is the Thai fish sauce. It really adds to the flavor. Online, it says you can use soy sauce as a substitute. But the flavor is really different between the two. A lot of western reviewers couldn't stand the fish sauce flavor. Pansies! Haha! Also, you'd think slicing the pineapple would be hard, but with a good sturdy spoon, it wasn't that hard to scoop out the pineapple meat. I have some extra leftover ingredients in the refrigerator, so i'll most likely try it out again later in the week. Enjoy the photos.


  1. hi

    pineapple rice is nice, and there are many variations out there some are topped with dried pork/fish floss, others peanuts/shallots, etc...

    but sigh, in real thai cuisine this dish is non-existant! It's like some well-known Hong Kong local dishes named after certain places, you do there and it's not part of the local scene.

    Pineapples are abudant in Asia, and this dish could even have 'orignated' from Taiwan itself...but most likely from S.E. Asia

    just an observation: one-quarter bloodline Thai

  2. I'll admit mine may not also be true to form either, but I do use import Thai jasmine rice and Thai fish sauce. And some variations do use pineapples. It is also in fact Thai cuisine. It's called ข้าวผัดสับปะรด khao phat sapparot.