Monday, September 5, 2011

Macha shaved snow ice red bean

Went out with a new friend that arrived to Taiwan a few weeks ago. We had a simple and quick dinner with a shaved snow ice dessert at the Lehua night market (樂華夜市). This one is one of the cheaper shaved ice places, so it tasted more like green tea than macha. Despite the neon coloring, it was just fine. I don't feel irradiated :). My friend was fine too. I don't have much else to say...haha. I just wanted to share the picture as it came out really nice with it's glossy condensed milk and melting snow ice. Enjoy with your eyes!


  1. Hey Brian bro,

    That looks hella good~~

    How is job searching? I will be arrived in Taitung in Oct for Chinese school and perhaps thinking about working part time if they accept me. (LOL, I doubt I can get a job at this stage since my literacy is still in 3rd grade)


  2. Tell me when you'll be arriving once it gets closer. If your flying into Taoyuan, it should be close to Taipei city. Job searching...going along. Some interviews but the IT competition is hard, all fighting for a high hour/low salary job. Sometimes it can be depressing, but I try to keep my head up. If your looking for some flexible part time work, try to find an English tutor job. Doesn't require any certificate and having a foreign face helps ALOT. You could work a few hours a week.