Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mid-Autumn festival 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn festival everyone. This year I spent it with my friends at their flat. We all got together during this hot evening and gathered upstairs on their rooftop for some grilling fun. But before that, we all headed out to the Costco on a big food shopping spree. The lines were long and it was PACKED at the Costco. The Taiwanese friends made some beef wrapped enoki and other brought beer, chips and other western styled grilled treats. I made some Korean bulgogi, Thai pineapple fried rice and potato skins (last minute request from my friend). I met several new friends and it's really a great festival because it's when the community gets together to grill and eat moon-cake. The grilling portion is only a recent tradition, but I love it. It's why I enjoy July 4th in the States so much. Since Taiwan obviously wouldn't celebrate July 4th, I treat it as my similar holiday here in Taiwan. Minus the grand fireworks show, but there are still a few firecrackers and small fireworks that do get set off every once in a while. It's really a happy time! You know everyone's on the streets, patio or rooftop grilling up something good. It's hard to walk the streets and alley ways this time of the year without smelling something grilling. It makes you hungry the whole day. Some people even start on Friday. So It's a whole weekend plus a Monday off. I realize it's also 9/11 day too. So I'll have another beer for the lives lost on that sad day.

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