Sunday, September 18, 2011

SYS memorial spicy noodle shop

I don't know why i'm doing this in three parts. I just felt like it. So...
Part 1> Today's plan was to eat lunch with my friend. But she showed up with the whole female portion of the flat. So it was lunch for 6. We went to this small chinese noodle restaurant near SYS memorial MRT station exit 2 (國父紀念館). I forget the name, so I'll have to remember it for next visit and edit it in. But it's a small shop that specializes in spicy (麻辣) noodles and dumplings. There's usually a long wait during the weekends. And I'm sure it'll only get longer and longer as the popularity grows. This small street just outside of the number 2 exit is relatively new. Google maps doesn't even show it's current renovated form. Back to the noodles shop. It's a medium sized place and the interior is clean and organized. However it has a very plain no non-sense design. Which is perfectly fine. Service was great and prompt, especially when they mixed up our drink orders. Drop by some time. It's not too expensive, as depends if you have a big stomach. As for the spice. I'm not one to take opinions from, I can handle my spices. Afterwards, there's a great bakery, sandwich place, and a desert place nearby if you want more.

Part 2> We dropped by Emperor Love Tea Boutique. Yuki and I discovered it one day when we were strolling around the ZhongXiao DunHua MRT station area. It's an elegant two level (ground and basement) Tea House that serves very tasty tropical fruit infused teas. They have traditional green, oolong and herbals teas too. But what I think sets it apart from other places are the tropical fruit infused teas. Some, like the Hawaiian fruit tea, actually taste more like juice though. But it's good to have that option when your tired of the typical oolong and green tea. The atmosphere is very comfortable, delicate and elegant like a banquet room for a wedding. The waitresses are very kind and happy to help you choose a tea flavor that suites your taste buds. There's fee wifi and prices range around $200 a pot. Great place!

Part 3> Dinner with my family at a famous Japanese restaurant in TianMu. Nothing much to say here. Private family stuff. But the food was delicious and rich, so do enjoy the few photos I did take of my meal. That black/brown stuff is whole abalone.


Emperor Love Tea


  1. My friend brought me home some Emperor Love Tea. It was incredible. Is there anyway to buy it online?

  2. Unfortunately no. Not that I know of.