Thursday, August 18, 2011

Borneo Indonesian (Shida)

This is actually my second visit, but it's a good restaurant that's near my school, cheap and different than the other food options at Shida night market. It's a quaint and usually empty indonesian restaurant tucked away at the edges of the night market. It's right next to the Minimal Cat Cafe. The food is between $100-130 and includes refillable soup and tea. The dishes are that creative. It mostly consists of rice with some vegetables on the side and different types of meat cooked in different sauces. Despite the boring description it's pretty tasty for the price and unlimited soup and tea. The portions are a good size and they have a "lemon" juice to give the taste a little more zest! I really like it for it's simplicity and quietness. For future students of Shida, you should come here and give it a try if that's what your looking for. Since it's right next to the Minimal Cat Cafe and I don't know the actual address, I'll just list the Cafe address again.

No. 42號, Lane 2, TàiShùn Street, Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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