Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bitan bridge over Xindian river

I took some time out today to meet up with a family friend. We took a long MRT train ride down the Xindian line. Xindian is the last stop. The location is famous for it's 75 year old wood suspension bridge. It used to swing way more years ago, but now it's been strengthened with cables and metal support beams. Maybe because of too many complaints from people with weak stomaches. There is a legend that several swimmers have been sucked under and disappeared into the whirlpools in the river. I didn't feel like hauling my big DSLR out...a mistake. So my point-n-shoot sufficed.

This is a wall made out of personalized bricks. One for each person that donated. At least that what i assume. Here's one of two little piggies :)

For a 3pm snack we ate some peanut crumble covered blood cakes (豬血糕) and sour cabbage stuffed stinky tofu (臭豆腐, Shou Dou Fu). The tofu is actually fried then grilled and basted. Yumm! And for desert some shaved ice with red bean and other deliceous toppings. I think that about rounds it off. I'm heading out to the ShinLin nightmarket again suckers!


  1. Yum yum! Did you walk across the suspension bridge?

  2. Yes, the mountain-side picture is taken from the suspension bridge.

  3. That's what attracts me about Taiwan - wherever you go, there is food served!

  4. So brave!

    WuLai is a bus ride from XinDian. See if your family friend knows how to get there :)

  5. Wow! I really enjoy reading your blog. It brings back all these memories of TW for me (I sound so old! I'm only 19! lol).

    Besides living near Shipai for 5 months, I lived in Xindian for 5 months as well. That area you photographed with the green mountains and restaurant is a really great place. Did you go to that building in your picture? It's a nice, old, informal tea shop. Across the bridge is a really nice karaoke restaurant.

    Did you eat in the little food mall place with the mist airconditioning?

    And I second your friend saying you should go to Wulai. I never went, but a lot of my friends did and the waterfalls are beautiful!

  6. I didn't go to that building in the picture, but i'll remember that for next time. Yes, I went to eat in the little food mall. And I still haven't gone to Wulai :(