Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jinguashi's Gold Ecological Park and Jioufen (Old Street)

I headed to gold ecological park in Jinguashi today early in the morning. The park was a mix of old japanese imperial housing and the miners experience. They tought you how to pan for gold in the panning experience. In the Japanese prince's house, there is an old cement mini-golf course. I didn't know mini-golf existed so long ago. There was also a tour of the 5th mining tunnel (extra cost), but we skipped it. That leaves something for next time. The entire park is situated up in the mountains. There is a long path leading into the mountains which gives a great view of the park below and the seaside. On the way back down, we were tired so we stopped by a douhua (豆花) shop. It's a cold soup made with very soft tofu and clear sugar syrup. Refreshing!

Leaving the park on a bus back down the mountain, there is an old town called JiouFen. JiouFen has a series of old streets filled with food and souvenir shops. Being a mountainside town though, the streets are on a hill. It's like the san francisco streets of taiwan. On our walk up the street, we saw a street hawker selling grilled snail. I don't know what kind, but it was delicious. At the end of the day, we took a long break at a old tea house overlooking the seaside. A perfect place to sit down with some nice scenery and share several pots of tea and just talk and talk away.

You'd think that the day is over, but once we got back to Keelung, we visited the local Miaokou night market (廟口夜市) there. We had a taiwanese sandwich which was special to Keelung. Also some oyster omelette (蚵仔煎) and desert. We spent about an hour there, then jumped on a bus for a long trip back. It was a tiring and great day, so I slept on the bus all the way back to Taipei. Good night everyone! More photos here.


  1. Like I told you the coal mine and gold mine were owned by Yen's family, I don't know if they still owns it. The mines were owned by the Japanese, after the the 2nd world war, Japanese gave the mines to Mr. Yen's father.

  2. This is the exact itinerary for our Saturday! We'll go to YeLiu Geopark first thing in the morning.

  3. If you find gold when you panning, do you get to keep them? Or they pretty much make sure you don't find any...

  4. Everyone gets some gold. There is alot of gold speckles in the dirt. After the sifting/panning process, they put it in a keepsake bottle for you. I'm sure it isn't worth any more than the $100 NTD it cost to join the Panning Experience.