Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My new tripod

So I finally purchased a new tripod. I went back to the photography district, explored alittle more, got lost...twice. Then found the same store and took their deal. $124 for a Benro aluminum tripod with a Giotto ball head. Benro is a Chinese company. Giotto is a Taiwanese company. The ball head holds 13.2 lbs, a quick release plate and a tri-level bubble leveler. US Market value is probably around $350. Win!

While exploring I had to cross the street in an underground tunnel that apparently no one uses and the city forgot about. It was dark, damp, rusty, damaged, drippy, mildewy, smelly, bug infested and downright nasty. So I took a picture LOL.


  1. At this rate of exploration, we'll have plenty of places to see in Nov :)

  2. LOL nice shot! I love industrial photos with a rustic feel to it. A+++

  3. That underground tunnel is like something out of the Matrix! Very cool!