Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Deep fried goodness @ ShiPai night market

So tonight i've decided to walk over to the local ShiPai night market as see what they have there. It ended up raining, but cleared up a few minutes after leaving the house. My main goal was to find a local vender for shou dou fu (臭豆腐) aka stinky tofu. I love that stuff! Alas I couldn't find it, but I did make another discovery. A deep fried stand serving sweet potatoes and popcorn chicken (鹹酥雞). I started craving fried sweet potatoes when I first discovered it at the TongHua night market two years ago. I haven't found it at any other night market since including the big ShihLin market. So i bought some as well as 32oz. of "Red Tea" (紅茶). That's a big american serving size for Taiwan! I'll be returning to continue my search for stinky tofu!!


  1. I heard another good night market is Hua-c(華西) Night Market, I do not know the location. Also there is new recipe out for stinky tofu, pan fry stinky tofu over an egg,then spread with some spicy sauce and mayonnaises. There are many nice places to explore beside food, 山峽 is not far from Taipei, an old mining town, which Mr. Yen's family(Cassie's dad) owns the coal mine.

  2. You mean the HuaXi Night Market? I'll look for that stinky tofu. There is a special restaurant in Taipei that I want to visit called Dai's House of Unique Stink (獨臭之家). I do not remember Mr. Yen or Cassie. Visiting an old mining town would be a great trip outside of the city! How do I contact him?