Saturday, August 7, 2010

NY Bagel in Taipei?

Today, I joined my cousins again for a lunch at NY Bagel on Section 4, RenAi Rd. It's a multilevel 24 hour american style diner. It has pasta, salads, steaks, burgers, milkshakes and of course bagels. I'm comparing it to Noah's bagels from the Bay Area, but it's nothing like it. Noah's bagel is more or less a fast food place, limited tables, mostly order-out. NY Bagels Cafe Taipei is an elegant sit-down restaurant. They had a eclectic menu and I had difficulty with choosing what to eat. So i decided with a steak & pasta (i forgot the name).The meat was cooked perfect, but the taste wasn't quite there. Perhaps it's just the difference between asian cow and texas cow or the type of fire they use. Either way, I still enjoyed it. And being 24 hours, is a great place to eat when the Taipei night life shuts down after 2AM.


  1. Wait... steak salad or steak noodles? That looks like noodles to me. Much better than healthy salad ;)