Friday, August 27, 2010

ShiDa (師大路夜市) night market next to NTNU

I visited the ShiDa night market for the first time tonight. It's right across the street from the MTC campus and next to the NTNU campus, so I may be frequenting this night market once school starts. It's a small night market, but still has plenty great food to offer. I've noticed that each night market have additional unique offerings that can't be found at other night markets. So it's important to explore all the night markets. The night market you decide to go to on a specific night, just might depend on what your craving at that moment. A few of the foods I haven't seen at other night markets is a giant desert crepe place. The crepes were the size of my head. Definitly a sharing size! I also discovered a belgium style lounge/pub (serving beer of course), Hong Kong puff pastry stand, Taiwanese beef noodle soup and a burger joint called Evans Burger. Of course the finest catch of the evening is Stinky Tofu! I found a place there that is pretty darn good. I think the best i've had so far. I didn't bring my camera so I don't have any photos to share.


  1. Oh! That sounds fun! I might study at Shida this summer, not sure yet. (I don't know why I'm telling you things about my life, lol). Never went to the Shida night market, so be sure to upload some pics eventually. ;)

  2. OK, I'll post some pics of Shida night market. But it looks like any other market. You really have to be here to experience the difference it offers compared to other night markets. If your ever in Taipei again. Definitely contact me and I can show you some food and markets you may not have been to before.