Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back from America

Just got back from California for my short semester break. The first day I arrived, I had to get dressed for my friend's wedding that same day. The wedding was beautiful and we partied late into the evening. All went without a hitch except for someone dropping their glass of red wine from the second story onto me and my friend talking below. Someone got too drunk to handle themselves correctly! Anyways, the rest of the weekend was a big blur of trying to have lunch/dinner with all my friends as well as getting some chores done. After being in Taiwan for a while I have gotten used to the Taiwanese way of life. Going back really made me see the difference. First off, the entire weekend my stomach was ill due to the change of food. American food really is oily (a different type of oil), fattening and in general felt heavy and filling. By no means do I skimp on the food here in Taiwan, but I just can't eat the same quantities in the USA without getting fat. I think I gained about 3 lbs in just 4 days! Last thing I get to do was drive my Porsche. Man, do I miss driving a high performance car! Of course it wasn't on the PCH, but 30 minutes around the industrial park was fun enough! The roar of that flat-6 accelerating down an empty industrial park at dusk!!! I wish I could bring you back to Taiwan. But alas, time was short and I had to hurry back to SFO for my flight back to Taiwan. See you later California, back to Taiwan!

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