Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shopping for a leather jacket

Today after class, I helped my friend Jerry with his english report on the KMT-CCP revolution. It took a while and his english is much better than I expected. His report is about college level and uses a lot of scholastic words I rarely use. I really had to use my brain on this one. After about one and a half hours, we finally finished. But Jerry had to leave early, so he treated me to dinner at Evans Burger. I had a country fried steak. Never tried that before in Taiwan. It turned out to be so-so. Delicious but still small and taiwanese flavored. Not the real american country flavor to it. Probably missing the deep fry in the week old oil slathered with artery clogging gravy. Evan's burger version tasted almost ...healthy? Afterwards, I did some quick shopping around Shida night market for a [fake] leather jacket. It's getting cold here in Taipei and I need some thicker threads. I found two i liked, one is a little plain and the other has a really high collar (probably too fashionable for my tastes). I'll get some opinions, but the search continues.


  1. who is Jerry that he has to write a report on KMT-CCP in English? I thought u are in a class to learn Chinese.

  2. Jerry's intro is on December 22, 2010. He's My classmate Yuhki's friend from Taoyuan.

  3. Your friend Jerry use esoteric words that even an American like you have trouble on?

    I am quite surprise.I thought most Taiwanese/ Chinese student's literacy in English is quite low. I went to Beijing few yrs ago studying abroad and most local college student speak abysmal English. (Those girls were already majoring in Foreign Language, imagine how ludicrous can the science major student's English can get.)

    ~ Javier

  4. yes and no. He had help from a dictionary and he probably took a lot time constructing the sentences. However he has a difficulty understanding when to use "the". Most of the work was sentence restructuring for a scholastic essay.

  5. LOL. Which esoteric words he used? Do you mind to list several of them? (If you remember of course)

    I haven't reviewed these scholastic vocabs since I took GRE (Graduate Record Examination). The verbal portion really expand your horizon on vocab familiarity if you really study for it. =D


    This is why even today I am interested on these words whenever I have the opportunity to learn them .

  6. Unfortunately I do not remember. I had to break out the dictionary on a few of them just to double check I had the definition correct.