Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tron 3D

Hung around with my language partner, Joyce, again today. After a bit of coffee, we decided it was just way too cold outside. So we headed into Q Square mall. Ahhhhh. So much warmer! Well it doesn't take too long to shop through Q Squared. There isn't much men's clothing and nothing of much interest to Joyce. At the top floor of Q Square is a theater though. A rather nice one too.Since Tron was just released, we decided to watch that, in 3D! It's a pretty damn good movie. I don't think the storyline has anything to do with the original storyline. But the movie was action packed and the 3D was outstanding for this movie. I guess it was easier to do so, when the majority of the movie is CGI. The best part of the movie is a sound track. Some say it's just a really long Daft Punk music video, which I see their point. But the music was really really good! I like the electronica-synth beat and Daft Punk have been doing this for a while. I'd recommend watching the movie and youtubing a few of their songs (start with derezzed:)). Great stuff!

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