Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's my birthday!

Today is my birthday!!! Another year in the pocket. I'm getting old. But no celebrations today, I have a chapter test tomorrow, so only studying. Partying will commence Friday after class. Yeah, such a shame. But I'm here to absorb as much Chinese as possible, so I have to stay focused. I can't wait for tomorrow after class :D


  1. Hey bro, show us (the blog readers) some of your improvement by posting a Chinese blog. LOL

    However, if the language is above grade3, I probably will have trouble understanding it. Let's see can I comprehend your blog if you do post one up.

    LOL =D

  2. OK, I'll try to post one of my shorter entries in Chinese too. It's still mostly 3rd grade level stuff. So I bet you can understand.

  3. Oh! Happy Birthday! :)

    And, it's really nice to read about how much you love studying there. As I've said in an earlier comment, I plan on applying for MTC's scholarship for this summer, and hearing about how much you like it is really cool.

  4. Good luck! If you make it over this summer, I should still be a student at MTC.