Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mr. Onion in Tian Mu

Today, I spent another few hours trying to hack the iPhone again. I made the mistake of selecting "Erase All Content and Settings". I think the wording on this was deceiving. I thought it would just clear the apps, music photos and reset all the settings to default. But NO, it wipes the operating system too. Why would there be a visible option to do that? Shouldn't they have made it a hidden option only revealed by a hidden developer known passcode? Anyways, after a few hours of reading through the internet I was able to re-unlock it through the iPad baseband. They say it has GPS issues, but I tested it and it seems to work fine after the jailbreak. So I lucked out. Afterwards, I grabbed lunch with my Aunt Lai at Mr. Onion in Tian Mu. It's near the Tian Mu square and the 6&6 american specialty import store. So while we were waiting for a table, I walked over to the 6&6 store for some Tabasco sauce. The Tabasco was twice the size, but the same price as my local Welcome mart. Also, apparently the 6&6 has a new name, same owner. I already forgot. They should have stuck with 6&6, it was easier to remember. The atmosphere was american country-like. The wood panel walls were adorned with rustic equipment and old porcelain cups and pitchers. After a 30 minute wait, we got a table downstairs.For $700 I got a set lunch with a lot of food. I think it was main course, two appetizers, drink, dessert, soup and a salad. I got a grilled seafood mix. It was delicious, but nothing to blog too much about. Perhaps I should have stuck with the steaks they had on the menu. Continuing on the negative note, the french onion soup was bad and watered down. For a place with the word onion in the name, I thought it would be better. But to end it on a positive note, the escargot was excellent. I finished all the succulent snails and used the bread to sponge up the remaining sauce. MMmmmm good! And we'll leave today's blog at that.

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