Monday, December 20, 2010


Today I had an appointment with the dentist to fill a hole in my molar today. I chipped a metal filling a two and a half weeks ago eating some food. I think there was an accidental seed in there left by the chef. Normally this would be grounds for some major complains to the restaurant. But it is one of my favorite places in California to eat and it's an isolated incident, so I let it go. So I show up on-time for the dentist appointment. One of the rare times I'm on-time haha. My relative, Yoh-yi helped me find and setup the appointment. The dentist is also a family friend. Yoh-yi told me the dentist's office was freshly remodeled and now equipped with state of the art equipment. The dentist was very friendly and took ten minutes out to show us around the new office. It was so modern, organized and pleasantly fragrant with the scent of imported japanese pine. After the tour, we proceeded to the chair to begin the repair. After a quick examination, he told me it was a simple and quick task. We decided to forgo the local anesthetic and proceed. 15 minutes later, he was done. It was so fast. After the initial drilling I thought he was cleaning the cavity and preparing the filling. But instead he was fixing and molding the new filling already. This is the first time in my history that a dental procedure finished before I expected it to! Usually you're wishing it was finished long before it's actually complete. On top of that, I didn't have insurance here in Taiwan, so it had to be all out of pocket. So he also helped me with a generous discount. I do not want to reveal anything specific on who it was or how much I paid in case it may get the dentist in trouble. He is so kind and generous, that I will definitely make an appointment with him again for my next dental need. Hopefully I'll have insurance next time ;). So they were able to see me, give me a tour and repair my filling in 1 hour. I can't even get my photos developed faster than that.

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