Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Billiards 撞球

Today, after class, my classmate Yuhki introduced me to his Taiwanese friend, Jerry. They're both into billiards (撞球, zhuàng qiú). So I called up my language partner, Joyce, for a fourth. After a quick dinner, we headed to Crazy Horse at the Ximen night market. Crazy Horse is on the second level through the video rental room, which I think is part of Crazy Horse. The place is rather large. It's filled with about 30 tables, an arcade section, video poker machines, bar and video rental/rooms. The place rents by the table per hour. So after about three and a half hours of play, we called it a day. Cost...only $340 NT. Divided amongst ourselves, it's really cheap! Tuhki thought the tables were alright though. Maybe slightly damaged due to misuse. I had a great time and hope to return. 'Till next time!

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