Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11 hours in Hong Kong

Due to passport issues, I needed to take a quick day trip over to Hong Kong. It's my first time there alone. Although my chinese is a lot better and I can read chinese characters now, it just made me nervous. It's a big city and pretty congested with people, traffic and public transportation. Since I onyl had 11 hours on my hands, I had a pretty full schedule of places to visit and things to eat. So I was hoping to not get lost. Never the less, I still did. Thankfully there are some helpful Mandarin/English speaking people in Hong Kong to steer me int he right direction. Thank you. I ate at 4 places (3 meals + 1 snack). For brunch I headed to a famous 茶餐廳 (basically HK style fast food restaurants). This place, 永合成茶餐廳 - 蘇杭街 was famous for this egg/beef over rice dish (煎蛋牛肉飯). $40HKD I think. First off, the place is your traditional Hong Kong hole in the wall joint. Dated walls, chairs, tables, counters, lighting and messy. You can probably add slightly dim and dirty too. But thats just how some of them run it here in Hong Kong, and I like it. However the meal turned out mediocre. Afterwards, I realized I should have added a separate order of pork bone soup (i think) to the dish. The gentleman across from me did that, and I'm guessing thats how the locals do it. Because the 煎蛋牛肉飯 alone was lacking a bit in flavor. For dessert I headed down the street to a famous milk company. They serve this awesome milk and egg custard/pudding in a rice dish. Superb! Creamy and full of flavor! If your ever around the area of 蘇杭 you need to visit Yee Shun Milk Company (義順牛奶公司) and order both the 馳名雙皮燉奶 and 冰花燉雞蛋. Finally as my last stop before my flight, I made the tram trek over to North Point for their famous Eggettes (雞蛋仔). If your not familiar, they're a crispy, eggy, bubble-wrap looking waffle. Best served fresh and hot from 利強記北角雞蛋仔. No dining room or fancy stools, just a small shop on an indistinct street corner. Expect a line of hungry patrons waiting for their delicious 雞蛋仔to be handed to them through a small window. They're some of the best 雞蛋仔 I've had. Crispy on the outside, not too thick, and warm and soft on the inside. It has a hint of egg taste and not too doughy. However eat this fresh because after it cools, it becomes mushy and chewy.

香港島上環蘇杭街113~115號一樓 (Hong Kong Island)

義順牛奶公司 (Yee Shun Dairy Company)
佐敦庇利金街63號 (63 Pilkem St, Jordan)
2730 2799

Google it, they have multiple locations

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