Monday, January 2, 2012

Zee Live House

After that long week of bike riding I was ready for a proper meal. Like a big hunk of meat proper meal. Fortunately my parents wanted to go to a restaurant that my mom liked. She went to it with her friends the day before for lunch and was quiet impressed by it. It's in the Dongqu area 東區 (near Zhongxiao DunHua MRT station). We went for dinner and found out the dinner and lunch menu are different in meal as well as pricing. It's a difference from $500NT to $800 NT+. It's a quaint place until around 10 pm I think. Around 10pm they dim the lights, close the curtains, put away the buffet and the live band comes in and starts to warm up. But before that, you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere as well as the splendidly european decorated design of the first and second floor. After ordering my german pork knuckle dinner, they informed me I can help myself to the small buffet in the back. The small buffet table, in front of the glass windowed kitchen, has a salad bar, fruit bar, some cheese and an assortment of western cake desserts (ie. tiramisu). My dinner...superb. Nice crispy charred skin on my pork knuckle that peels away to reveal the juicy tender burgundy pork meet underneath. I do have to mention that they could have cooked it slower, to allow for a more fall off the bone meat. If you want that fall off the bone pork knuckle meat, i'd suggest going to Waterfront restaurant in Danshui. Excellent example of pork knuckle there! Overall it's a nice two level European style fusion restaurant with a live band with a warm well decorated atmosphere. Pricing is a bordering expensive (for a local), but it won't break the bank. It's in a great location in Dongqu, a very popular and rich area to venture out to. There are plenty of other upscale restaurants, boutiques, cafe's and delicatessens here much like Zee Live House.

Zee Live House
(02)27118766 and (02)27710260

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