Saturday, January 7, 2012

Café Puzzle Caffeine

Yuki has been wishing to try this cafe out for a while. With the popularity of cafe's around Taipei and the need to make them unique and attractive to the Taiwanese, this one is no different. The owners created a puzzle cafe. Coffee/Tea + Puzzles. Walking in, you'll experience a quiet and rarely busy room with large tables accompanied by an eclectic selection of comfortable "flee market" chairs. They're not cheap chairs, just chairs i'd see in an old grandparents home in the States. I'd say the furniture reminds me of the old tudor style. Moving on to their menu, they offer a nice selection of coffee, espressos, traditional teas and fruit teas. I believe they have some snacks you can order in case you want something to nibble on while your fingers are puzzling away. Prices range from $140+. The large tables really make for a nice surface for those big puzzles. Note: Pick a puzzle appropriate for your table realty. Unfortunately you cannot save your puzzle in case you can't finish it. So come in with some help :). Or go across the street to the puzzle store (same company) and buy a puzzle to bring home.

Café Puzzle Caffeine (拼圖咖啡因)
No. 28, Lane 44, Tàishùn St, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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