Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ginormous dumplings soup

Simple hidden hole in the wall shop serving soup with oversized dumplings near SYS memorial (國父紀念館). Really, this place looks like any other mom 'n pop establishment here in Taipei. Old peeling white wallpaper, with cheapo stools around a heavily scratched table. But the lack of environment is overshadowed by the great dumpling soup. Calculating in at a measly ~$50NT (i think), the soup and dumplings have that simple traditional taste to really works on a cold rainy day and you don't have a lot of change to spare. And don't forget the gigantic dumplings! They're huge! It looks like a normal dumpling that was subjected to radiation and mutated into a three headed dumpling monster. I forget how many dumplings they give you, two possible three, but that's enough to fill my stomach for the evening. They have mala 麻辣 flavored ones too. That makes me happy!

106台灣台北市大安區忠孝東路四段312號 (No exact address, but this address is Capone's which is next door)

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