Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Burritos at Shilin night market?

I had this for lunch. I decided to stop by a local shop for lunch. Of course, again I needed their assistance as I couldn't read anything. I was fortunate enough, that they displayed all their meats in front. So I just picked the meat and they asked be if i wanted rice or noodles and if I wanted any vegetables. I took it home and combined it into a bowl. If anyone could help me name what I ate? LOL. I think it's Char Siu Ròu Mian(叉烧肉面) [Edit: It's Char Siu Mian]. I really do like the taiwanese style Char Siu Niu Rou. The outside is crispier than the usual chinese version I grew up with from Chicago's Chinatown.

Tonight, for dinner I went back to Shilin night market. I had a craving for red meat and I remember the skillet beefsteak stands they had there. Of course again, I can't read chinese. So I just told them to give me beefsteak (牛排). Of course they asked me which kind or flavor? ummm...I speaka no chinese. I just told them to give me whatever. 2 minutes later they gave me a sizzling skillet of beefsteak topped with egg and pasta. Well the pasta and egg is underneath the steak if your looking at the photo. But damn, the plate was SIZZLING! I had to use a napkin curtain to stop it from burning my forearm. It continued to sizzle while I took the picture and about 3 minutes afterwards. Hot and Yummy!

Afterwards I went to the outside section of the night market to shop for a mesh hat. Preferable a Squad hat. Apparently it's a popular brand around here. The venders told me I would have better luck at Ximending, but I did find one shop that sold it. Re:Armed. It was $980 NT or about $30. Expensive...well before negotiation. I also chatted it up with the store employee for 30 minutes. He apparently works hard but only gets 2 days of vacation a month and they cannot be on consecutive days. Aven also needs to ride 30 minutes to work from Taoyuan. Thats a commute.

Finally, walking back to the MRT station. I noticed two unique food stands. First one was a burrito stand. Yes, burritos! Probably with a Taipei twist, but i'll have to find out next time. Second was, what i assume to be, a thai BBQ chicken wrapped in a roti. When i get to try it out, I'll certaily take some photos to share in the delicious bounty. See everyone next time!


  1. Think that was cha xiao(bbq pork) mien, no niu rou(beef) :)

    Working retail always sucks. My friends in HK have better hours and schedules working in offices, but still have to work OT and some Sats.

  2. They sell empanadas too! But, they're not very authentic (they are tasty [and expensive] though!). (I'm Puerto Rican, so I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to empanadas...:P)

  3. Yes, I got a chance to go there a few weeks later. Tasty but farrr from authentic.