Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Typhoon is coming!

Today is the first day showing evidence of a Typhoon. On my way to class today around 1:30PM, there were very high winds. The winds are strong enough to push on my 170lb body. At least there isn't any rain yet. But I fear for when it does start to rain. Because all the umbrellas they sell here are cheap versions. They don't have the 100mph+ umbrellas the United States sells. So once the high winds and rain combine, umbrellas will become useless and just invert themselves. It'll be a very wet walk to school.

As for my classes, we get quized at the beginning of each day. I was hoping to score a perfect at least on the first few, but I was wrong. Although I practiced as much as I could, I only scored a 90%. Two stupid mistakes. I forgot how to write the number 5. Despite the fact that I wrote it correctly on a previous question. And on my second quiz, I believe I scored around a 96%. I made one mistake with Shi. We were supposed to be writing BoPoMoFo. But I wrote 10. Sounds the same, but not a consonant/vowel. Well I'm taking this as a break, so back to studying.

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